A guide to serve more clients during the busy season sans burned-out team.

Have you thought of how you’re going to grow your business this busy season?

We understand that there are enough challenges during the busy season faced by CPAs, EAs, and accounting firms, leaving very little or no scope for business development.

This guide will not only help you plan a well-sourced busy season but also allow you to build stronger client relationships and go after new business confidently.

Let’s talk how our seasoned tax experts can help your team meet the deadlines and deliverables, with ease!

First things first – Well planned team

We understand, steering successfully through the busy season is a priority. And to do that, you may be looking for things such as: sourcing additional talent at various levels to handle the tax return filing processes, preparation, review, compilation etc.

Getting an experienced US tax professional to lead and mentor your team during the tax season would relieve the senior team from the mundane routine of the busy season. This time could be utilized for nurturing the leads and developing new business.

Expand your tax filing capacity by hiring tax professionals as per your needs i.e., ad-hoc, full-time, or part-time.

Relieve your team from the stressful and painfully cumbersome processes and focus on things that matter for your business.

Plan out the requirements and share them with Accseed. We will help you source a well-experienced team as per your need, enabling you to focus on core business activities and be profitable.

No more falling behind the schedule

Having worked in the US tax and accounting industry for nearly two decades, we understand that the busy season can be overwhelmingly stressful.

Managing the schedules becomes a huge challenge and you, as CPA, EA, or an accounting firm, would wish to have a genie to make your busy season woes disappear.

As an offshore tax, accounting, and advisory service provider, Accseed provides you the ability to hire professionals as per your requirements to assist you to maintain the schedule and standards of tax return filing.

Stay on top of your priorities

When it comes to tax season, there’s a lot going on – in the front and behind the scenes. You would wish to have someone efficiently carry out ‘behind-the-scenes’ activities so that you can stay constantly connected with the client to get all the required information and discuss any last-minute requests, queries etc.

It makes a heck of a difference when your clients feel they are being heard and their concerns are being addressed. Having us as your offshore tax and accounting partner, you can focus on addressing the needs of your clients during the busy season without worrying about falling behind schedule.

Go after new business confidently

You do not want to overburden and exhaust your team during the busy season and do not want to compromise on the quality – are two of many reasons you may say ‘No’ or ‘Later’ to the new possible engagement.

We say that’s the best thing to do. Nonetheless, what if there’s a team of professionals to back your team during the busy season that enables your business to function virtually round-the-clock? Yes, as a CPA, EA, and accounting firm, you can hire US tax professionals to do the heavy lifting allowing you to go after new business leaving the busy season woes behind.

Hiring the right offshore tax team gives you the advantages such as:

  • Specialized and experienced professionals at a reduced cost.
  • Manage the busy season sans stress.
  • Utilize your core team to do more without overwhelming them.
  • Your business functions round the clock.
  • More time to nurture and stay intricately connected with your existing clients.
  • Engage in business development activities confidently.

Choosing your A-Team to combat the busy season.

Accseed is a team of specialized tax, accounting, and advisory professionals led by people having 14+ years of rich experience working with a CPA firm ranked as Florida’s largest and the nation’s top 40 consecutively for more than 10 years.

Accseed houses professionals with extensive experience in successfully managing offshore tax, accounting, and advisory functions. Our team has on-site experience actively working with the management team at CPA firm and the clients during the busy season.

Having worked closely with the stakeholders at CPA firm and clients for more than a decade, we understand what it takes to do more, go the extra mile, and deliver the best.

Have us on board this busy season and leverage our extensive in-depth knowledge and experience in state, federal, and international tax compliance, and consulting, including corporate taxation, ASC 740, consolidated returns, and partnerships taxation.

Connect with us to learn how we can help you make this busy season successful and profitable.

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